"Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves." - Jean Piaget


Our learning environment supports purposeful play for children ages two to five years old.  Materials are carefully selected for their potential to enhance learning and discovery.

As an Reggio and Montessori-inspired preschool, we offer ample open-ended materials that are usually found in arts & craft stores, hardware stores, or out in nature.  Materials come to life in the hands of your child as they transform objects to express their imagination.

Our facility boast 2,100 square footage of outdoor space, allowing for us to bring purposeful play in a natural learning environment.  Imagine...story time outdoors, a mud kitchen with natural materials, social interactions over sand and water play, painting in natural lighting and unforgettable math experiences through scales, funnels, weights and natural objects.

It is through play, that a child will build their natural need for exploration, imagination, invention, and discovery.