Daily Schedule

Below is a timeline of what a typical day looks like.  We also offer music class conducted by Jamaroo once a week.  In the summer, we add a second extracurricular class with Super Soccer Stars where children learn soccer skills in an educational environment.  They build on their self-confidence and social skills, while they learn how to work in teams.  We are looking to add Yoga to our program in the near future to help children build on their body awareness and concentration.

8:00AM - 9:00AM Drop off/Breakfast

9:30AM - Circle Meeting Time

10:00AM - Outdoor activity/Field Trip

11:30AM - Clean and Wash Up

12:00PM - Lunch

12:30PM - Brush teeth and settle down

1:00PM - Nap time

3:30PM - Group Work

4:00PM - Free Play

5:30PM - Pick Up